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NeuStrat&PM serves a number of industries and provides clients with a proven consulting approach that delivers lasting value. We work closely with you to understand not only your organization’s specific needs but also your industry’s environment to ensure solutions are tailored and adequate to unlock unprecedented levels of performance.

HVACR and Water Heating Manufacturers:

From reducing cost through business process improvement to planning and executing complex product development programs, NeuStrat&PM works closely with manufacturers to address their most pressing needs. Whether it is speed to market or product compliance, our team has a deep knowledge of the HVACR and Water Heating industry and the technical proficiency of manufacturers’ products to go deeper than most consulting companies.




NeuStrat&PM is uniquely positioned to help non-profits achieve their strategic objectives and deliver value to their members, stakeholders, and contributors. Our expertise in strategic planning and project management offers you the unique opportunity to transform your organization by delivering meaningful and actionable strategic plans and flawless assistance in their execution. Some of the challenges we address include: strategic plan development and implementation, large program planning and execution, corporate training, and management counseling.


NeuStrat&PM can help your laboratory streamline operations and deliver your most important projects so you can focus on what you do best: providing technical expertise to your clients. Our team addresses a wide range of challenges, from streamlining business processes to managing global expansion of operations. 

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NeuStrat&PM partners with HVACR and Water Heating manufacturers to transform their business operations, spur innovation, and navigate complex regulatory and certification requirements. Our deep knowledge of the industry and its challenges helps us establish plans and strategies that boost efficiency, reduce risk, and achieve significant cost savings.

 NeuStrat&PM works with clients to unlock their potential in Project Management while addressing their needs in the following areas:


Product Regulatory Compliance and Certification:

NeuStrat&PM specializes in helping manufacturers manage regulatory compliance and certification.  Navigating the complexity of some regulations can be overwhelming for a team bringing a new product to market. 

Our experts can help alleviate that frustration and ensure proper product compliance and certification with relevant agencies such the U.S. DOE, U.S. EPA, AHRI, and AHAM.


Project Management Office Creation: 

For clients who already have some project management tools in place, we help create a Project Management Office (PMO) that brings consistency and reliability in their product development process.  Key elements of PMO creation include:

  • Establishment of standards and processes

  • Creation and centralization of standard documentation library

  • Team development and training


Managing Complex Projects and Programs: 

Ensure your most complex projects and programs are successful by allowing NeuStrat&PM to assist you in crafting and executing a comprehensive project plan.  Our specialties include:

  • Complex project communications

  • Business process improvement

  • Failing project turn-around


As a Non-Profit, you have worked hard to build a brand and a reputation that your members and donors can count on.  You cannot afford to allow the noise of running your organization to get in the way of establishing and executing a clear strategic plan.


NeuStrat&PM can help.  We have a long history of working with non-profits large and small, helping craft thoughtful and effective strategic plans that strengthen both the organization’s financial position and their brand. But we don’t stop there. Our team has the technical capabilities and knowledge to help you execute some of your most challenging projects and provide the necessary project management expertise you may be missing.


Some of the projects we can manage for you include:


Strategic Plan Development:  

Our approach to strategic planning provides clients with a clear and easy-to-understand roadmap that will bring value to donors and members and will elevate the organization’s brand.


Plans include essential components such as:

  • Overall Strategic Direction

  • Actionable Initiatives

  • Annual Projects


Management of Special Projects:

Whether it is the creation of a new service or the expansion to new territories, NeuStrat&PM stands ready to assist our non-profit clients in executing their most important strategic initiatives.


Special projects management services include:

  • Managing project delivery scope/time/budget

  • Project launch education

  • Ongoing team development


Corporate and Team Training:

NeuStrat&PM has worked with several clients to expand their staff’s knowledge in the areas of business process improvement, project management, and strategic planning.


Our hands-on training programs cover:

  • Project and program management essentials

  • Real-life examples and case studies

  • Communication strategies for project success



NeuStrat&PM understands the unique challenges laboratories face and the critical role they play in our society to protect the public and instill confidence in the products they test.

Our experts help you stay focused on providing the best service and technical expertise possible by.  We can help you streamline operations and project management through:


Organizational Transformation:

Overly complex business processes can become a major obstacle in delivering value to your clients.  NeuStrat&PM has expertise in multiple methodologies to help you transform your organization including:


  • LEAN methodology

  • Change Management methodology

  • Project Management techniques

New Products and Services Launch:  

Remaining relevant and competitive is always a concern for Laboratories.  A critical element of that competitiveness is the constant need to launch new products or services.  Our project-based approach helps you not only launch new services quicker but also helps ensure those new services are well-received by the market.  Our approach includes:


  • Business case development

  • Launch plan development and execution

  • Communication plan development


Global Expansion:  

When you are ready to expand geographically, NeuStrat&PM can help.  Establish operations in new territories by establishing uniform and consistent business processes, centralizing performance and quality controls, and adapting best practices to reduce risks associated with local culture.  Call on us to help you manage this process.

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