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Business Strategy & Strategic Planning

Elaborate a clear, execution-ready strategy


NeuStrat&PM assists companies throughout their strategic planning process, ensuring the development of executable and sustainable plans that deliver measurable results, boost growth, and drive shareholder value.

Our proven framework and technical abilities allow NeuStrat&PM to correctly assess your organization’s performance and find opportunities that will improve your bottom-line. From enhancing operations to assessing strategic investments and shaping organizational change, our team will help you develop actionable strategies that differentiate you from your competitors.

We help you identify market trends, understand industry drivers, and identify the key success criteria most competitors won’t.



  • Strategy Formulation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Advisory

  • Business Analysis

  • Change Management



Project Portfolio Management

Increase your ROI and achieve resource optimization

Improve project success rates and enhance your competitive advantage with NeuStrat&PM. Our PPM services enable clients to utilize resources optimally and consider risk, desired returns, resources, and the inter-relationships between investments.

Whether it’s tailoring your existing project management structure, establishing processes for selecting and prioritizing the right projects, realigning your project portfolio with strategic objectives, or creating/improving your Project Management Office (PMO) to augment your project delivery success rate, NeuStrat&PM is here to help.


  • Project Portfolio Assessment

  • Project Portfolio Improvement

  • PMO implementation



Program Management

Deliver on your most critical initiatives.


Managing programs is often a challenge for organizations both large and small. NeuStrat&PM’s PgM services guide clients through complex scenarios and ensure programs objectives are successfully achieved.

Our experts work with your team to develop a program management plan that is not only aligned with your strategic needs but also tailored to your company’s unique culture and environment. Our emphasis on the details and superior technical skills will be an invaluable asset to your existing team as we support you from program planning all the way through execution. Let NeuStrat&PM manage your complex programs so you can focus on running your business.


·         Program initiation and planning

·         Program execution and control

·         Program turn-around



Project Management

Plan and execute projects on-time and within budget.

Organizations are often tempted to treat project management problems with an off-the-shelf methodology. While these intentions are good, they often overlook precise company needs and challenges presented by project, and therefore lack the ability to deliver significant and sustainable value to the organization.

NeuStrat&PM helps clients deliver their most critical projects successfully by establishing a project management framework tailored to their specific needs. We help companies develop a solid project management plan, select the right tools, and assist in day-to-day project operations to ensure successful delivery. The result is a framework that is better suited to your organization to deliver lasting value.



·         Project initiation and planning

·         Project execution and control

·         Project turn-around

·         Stakeholder and Risk Management

·         Maturity Assessment



Business Process Improvement

Turn complexity into dexterity.

In today’s competitive environment, organizations are challenged to do more with less. NeuStrat&PM works with clients to design and implement enhanced business processes that can dramatically cut costs and enhance operational efficiencies.

Utilizing best practice industry standards, our consultants help assess your current processes with the objectivity you need to clearly identify non-value added processes. We then identify and prioritize opportunities for process improvement, and design and implement improved business processes that deliver superior value to your organization.



  • Process Assessment

  • Process Improvement

  • Process Implementation

  • Process Education

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