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Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Our BPI services help clients improve profitability through process excellence. Through in-depth analysis and mapping, our consultants help clients improve operational efficiency and eliminate processes that do not add value, thus increasing bottom line.



Let our experts streamline your projects for success

to improve your bottom line


Nicholas J. Giuffre

President & CEO

Bradford White Corporation

"I am happy to recommend the services of NeuStrat&PM to any clients looking for expert services in project management and business strategy. Their superior interpersonal skills along with versatility and determination will without a doubt be extremely beneficial to your business."


Business Strategy & Strategic Planning (BSSP)

NeuStrat&PM helps companies thrive by formulating executable strategies that recognize the distinctiveness of their business and the complexity of their environment. Our BSSP services provide comprehensive strategic plans and implementation support, that transform our clients’ operations and drive optimal business performance.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

We work with clients to establish or modernize their Project Management Office (PMO) and project processes. Our PPM services help clients achieve strategic objectives and improve project performance by centralizing project management activities, establishing consistent project governance policies, and tying performance metrics to organizational goals and objectives.


Project Management


One of our main objectives is to make project management one of our clients’ core competencies. Our consultants not only assist in project planning and day-to-day operations, but also provide the necessary training and leadership to ensure our clients’ improved project performance is sustained over time.


Program Management (PgM)

NeuStrat&PM helps clients navigate the complexity of managing large programs and ensure program objectives are met within constraints. Our PgM services provide the necessary technical and administrative expertise to administer even the most complex programs. Our consultants develop well-crafted program plans that are easy to execute, enabling optimum use of project resources and ensuring successful program delivery.


About NeuStrat&PM

NeuStrat&PM is a boutique business strategy and project management consulting firm that provides expert comprehensive services in project and program management, project portfolio management, process improvement, strategy formulation, and strategic planning.

Founded by Neufcourt in 2017, our company has earned the trust of its clients by providing outstanding project management and strategy services that consistently exceed clients’ expectations.

Our team has 10 years’ experience in managing projects across multiple industry verticals. We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain unwavering customer satisfaction by delivering the best services in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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