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Optimizing and Controlling Inventory
Levels to Drive Sales Growth


The Rich Barber Company is a leading supplier of barber products in the United States. They aim to motivate and inspire barbers, and their philosophy is reflected in their products, services, and education for aspiring barbers.

Client Testimony

“In a matter of days, NeuStrat&PM took charge of the project and developed a clear understanding of the critical issues we were facing. In weeks, they released a first version of a model that would eventually transform our inventory control operations. In months, they had completed a revamp of our processes to boost efficiency and team morale. We’re now spending less time on controlling our inventory and more time on what matters the most: sales growth and client satisfaction.”


— Chuka Torres, Founder & CEO

Improving Onboarding Practices
in a Growing Trade Association

Client Testimony

“NeuStrat&PM was able to quickly prepare and deliver a comprehensive training program that allowed us to minimize service disruption and bring our new hires up to speed quickly on certification processes and project management best practices. NeuStrat&PM helped our team become more effective, and participants found the program to be both engaging and energizing.”


— John Lanier, COO


The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is a globally recognized trade association representing manufacturers of HVACR and water heating equipment. Its membership of more than 300 companies provide over 90% of HVACR equipment in the U.S. AHRI also administers world-renowned energy-efficiency certification programs for HVACR and water heating equipment, which includes close to 900 licensees.

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